Do Not Panic: Revealing The Reasons Behind Your Phone’s Heat and How to Cool it

Ways to cool overheating phones

Do you find that your phone seems overly warm to the touch? You’re not alone — many smartphone owners experience this issue and want to know why their phones get so hot. There are a few common reasons for a phone feeling hot; luckily, most of these can be easily resolved.



The battery is one of the main causes of heat in a smartphone. The processor works hard to run apps, access data, and stay connected with other devices when using your device. This requires energy from the battery, which generates heat as a byproduct.

Using your phone frequently throughout the day or when it’s charging can cause excessive heat build-up in the battery itself or other components. Furthermore, if the battery is old or damaged, it may not dissipate heat properly, leading to higher-than-normal temperatures.


Using multiple apps at once

Running too many apps at once can cause your phone to overheat, as the processors and other components struggle to keep up with the power demand. Using multiple apps at once puts considerable strain on the processor and battery of your device. This can cause your phone to become uncomfortably warm if used for a long period.

To protect yourself and your phone from overheating, limit how many apps are running concurrently or reduce their usage when possible. Additionally, avoid leaving any app open in the background while not in use, as this will also strain the processor and battery life.


Malware or Virus

The modern smartphone is a marvel of technology; it can be used to access the internet, play games, and stay connected with friends. But what if your phone suddenly gets hot? There are many possible causes for this problem, but one of the most likely is that your phone has become infected with malware or a virus.

Malware is malicious software designed to damage your device or steal personal information. It can cause your phone to slow down, stop working altogether, or even get very hot.

Viruses are similar to malware because they also infiltrate devices without permission and can cause serious problems. They often spread from one device to another through downloads and email attachments. 


Beat the Heatwave – Tips To Keep Your Phone Cool

Charge Your Phone on a Cool Surface

Do you notice that your phone is hot to the touch? It can be quite alarming, but it’s a common problem. The heat generated by a phone when it’s in use or charging comes from the battery and other components.

Excessive heat can cause irreversible damage to those components, so it’s important to understand why this happens and how to prevent it. The best way to keep your phone from getting too hot is by charging it on a cool surface.

This prevents the heat generated by the device from becoming trapped between itself and another material like leather or wood, which could lead to overheating. Additionally, always ensure you are using an original charger for your device, as third-party ones may not have adequate temperature protection.


Keep your brightness low.

We’ve all experienced the uncomfortably warm sensation of our smartphone that’s been in our pocket for more than 15 minutes. While this can be annoying, it can also indicate a serious problem with your device. The brightness of your screen is one of the main causes of why my phone is hot.

When we turn the brightness to a higher level, it uses more battery power, generating heat. This extra energy use strains our phone’s processor and other components – causing them to heat up faster and more frequently.

To avoid this issue, try to keep your screen brightness low as much as possible by adjusting the settings in the display menu or using adaptive brightness mode when available.


Use the right charger.

Your phone gets hot for many reasons, and it’s important to understand why so you can take action to prevent it. High temperatures can reduce the performance of your device and even damage the battery, resulting in shorter battery life or no charge at all.

To keep your phone cool and running properly, it is important to use the right charger. When a phone gets too warm, it usually indicates something is wrong with its operating system or hardware. Poorly designed apps or too many apps running in the background are potential causes of overheating as they require more power than normal.

If you’re using a generic charger instead of one specifically made for your device, this could be causing an increase in temperature due to not delivering enough power. Using a charger made for your device will ensure that it has enough power to run efficiently without getting too hot.


Use Junk-Cleaning Apps

Most people don’t realize it, but their phones can become hot. This is because of the increased energy usage while running various applications and using the internet. The heat from the phone can cause discomfort and damage the device and the user if not monitored or controlled properly.

To resolve this issue, users should take advantage of junk cleaners to keep their phones cool. Junk cleaners like Cleaner Master or CCleaner will help to clear out any unnecessary data or programs that may be taking up extra space on your device and causing it to overheat.

By clearing out any old apps or files that are no longer needed, these cleaners help reduce the amount of energy used by your phone and prevent excessive heat build-up. They also free up memory so that other necessary tasks can run more efficiently with less strain on your device’s processor.


Don’t Keep your phone out in the sun.

Are you concerned that your phone is getting too hot? A hot phone can be problematic whether it’s been out in the sun or kept inside. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your device safe and cool. The first step to keeping your phone at a comfortable temperature is to avoid direct sunlight.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause serious damage, including overheating and draining battery life. Also, leaving the phone in a hot car or exposed to excessive heat will increase its temperature quickly.

If the phone has already become too hot, try not to use it until it returns to an appropriate temperature. This will help avoid any further damage from occurring due to overheating.


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