It Is Common For iPhone Users To Face These Problems

iPhone common issues users face

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market, after all. With its superior design and user interface, the iPhone continues to attract many Apple fans. Apple’s iPhone is also one of the best-selling smartphones on the market, but it also has several problems facing everyday buyers. On the legal sphere, iPhone in Brazil is currently being banned due to the non-availability of chargers out of the box, and the European Union (EU) seems to catch up on this issue too.

None can deny the quality ecosystem Apple has maintained since the iPhone’s initial release in 2007. Still, it is far from perfect, and just like any company, the iPhone has issues that plague all its users. Here are some common issues people may face when their or their children’s iPhone malfunctions or freeze.

Cracked iPhone Screens

iPhone screen damage is a widespread problem. If your iPhone screen seems to be damaged, you are probably worrying about the possibility of a dead phone. The fact is that your phone can be damaged even when it is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apple executes advertising campaigns that guarantee an indestructible screen, but that is not the case in reality. Lucky individuals can get away with just the screen crack issue, but the worst-case scenario is the damage done to the LCD of the iPhone. The LCD replacement is much costlier and more time-consuming than a standard screen replacement.

If you are an experimental person, you can fix the damaged iPhone on your own, but please proceed cautiously, as this is highly delicate work. A complete iPhone repair kit can be purchased through online sites like Amazon, which hosts all the tools to repair your damaged screen. Tools such as a magnifying glass, razor blade, and a suction cup should be available at your disposal. Carefully follow the kit’s instructions and gift your iPhone a new screen. Nevertheless, an expert technician should be your priority for fixing damaged iPhone screens.

Cracked iPhone Backs

The iPhone is known for its premium look and feel and to live up to that standard, Apple offers a premium glass design for its back panel. Though it looks appealing and feels premium, it is easily susceptible to damage and is by far the most common problem faced by iPhone users. The back of an iPhone can crack with a solid hard knock or fall, leaving the internal components exposed to the elements. If not taken care of immediately, the battery, motherboard, camera, etc., gets permanently damaged due to moisture and dust. You are wrong if you think you can get away with it by putting an iPhone cover over it. In fact, the cover acts as a host for moisture, dust, and heat, which you definitely don’t want.

Repairing the back panel of your iPhone yourself is a no-no, and is always best to take it to a professional iPhone repair shop. It is best to take precautions early on by buying a quality iPhone casing right before you switch on your new iPhone, keeping it away from children, and carrying it inside your bag whenever possible.

Damage from water or other liquids

If you’ve ever had water damage to your iPhone, you know just how costly it can be to repair. Not only do the innards of your phone get damaged, but short circuits on the motherboard can lead to expensive repairs. The myth of keeping your iPhone under a pack of rice to repair the water-damaged iPhone as stated is basically a myth. So please don’t waste your time and precious rice trying to bring your phone to life.

The first thing you should do is to remove water by using a towel or by drying your phone’s case with a hair dryer. Also, do not use liquids such as hair products, dish detergent, or perfume.

Follow these steps when your iPhone gets water damaged

1. Power off the iPhone asap

2. Remove the iPhone case if any

3. Next, remove the sim tray and the sim card

4. Wipe the iPhone with a water-absorbent cloth.

5. Cover a toothpick with the same cloth and wipe dry the charging ports, home button, and volume keys.

6. Let it dry in the sun (use a shady area)

7. After a few hours, unscrew your iPhone

8. Remove the battery, motherboard, and cable connectors

9. Use 97% isopropyl alcohol to soak the board and a brush to remove any residue

8. Use it on the inside screen as well and wipe it clean

9. Give it a few hours to dry, then reassemble the components.

10. Press the power button to switch on your iPhone.

The above steps may seem daunting to inexperienced users and it is best to let a professional handle your water-damaged iPhone.

iPhone Battery Problems

Apple claims to offer improved batteries for each new release of the iPhone every year, but the users’ complaints about iPhone batteries have no end. it is common for all modern smartphones to have a degrading battery over its life span, but users expect the quality of battery performance for the premium price they pay for the iPhone

it is common for iPhone batteries to face various problems like overheating, performance issues, battery life, etc. And sometimes, you need to use professional assistance to troubleshoot iPhone battery problems.

You can try to replace the battery on your own but know that the moment you tear open your phone and dismantle the battery, your iPhone warranty gets void. To start off, you must purchase an iPhone battery online along with a battery kit. Follow the instructions carefully on the kit to successfully replace your iPhone battery. As always, it is recommended to take it to a professional and get the best service possible.


If you are an experimental person trying to fix your iPhone problems, be sure to have the tools needed to fix them. Be especially careful following the instructions provided. Turn to an expert technician to be on the safer side. If you have no experience in this field, don’t try to fix it yourself – it’ll only end in disaster.Even though the iPhone has captured a higher status with its premium offering, it is susceptible to various issues like any modern gadget. It is the users’ duty to use their iPhones with utmost love and care. iPhone users have a premium offering from Apple in terms of service and quality of products along with an established ecosystem which is an advantage every iPhone users enjoy.